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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2013

Gorav Taneza

Gorav Taneza
Engineer, inventor, DIY enthusiast, aviator, photographer, foodie, traveler, gardener, trap shooter. I work at Oracle, live in the San Francisco bay area and enjoy spending time exploring the different microclimates and topography of the region.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Adventures with Arduino

    11:15 AM Saturday   Room: 5015
    Arduino has caught the attention of inventors, electronic enthusiasts, artists, designers, hobbyists in a big way. It's an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. In this session i will introduce you to the history, basics of the platform and show you some real life demos of the cool possibilities of what you can do with Arduino which will include controlling servos, displaying information on external LCD display, capturing data from sensors, interfacing Arduino with iPhone, using IR emitters to act as a remote, accept input with a keypad, wearable garments among others. The session will start with theory and will transition into a demo to showcase Arduino hardware/software capabilities and several creative ideas of using sensors, shields, servos and interfacing with external devices.

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2013

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