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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2012

Vlad Patryshev

Vlad Patryshev
Born in Arkhangelsk, Russia; studied in St.Petersburg. Married. 2 grown-up children. Living in San Jose. Riding a road bike on weekends. https://github.com/vpatryshev presheaf.com ivan_gandhi.livejournal.com
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Speaking Sessions

  • From Monads to Applicative Programming

    1:45 PM Saturday   Room: 4218
    Monads is the proven way to build total code (the one that does not throw up when it encounters an exceptional situation); the problem with monads they don't compose. Applicative Functors are a weaker form of monad, and they provide robust and parallelizable calculation framework; map/reduce is one popular example of applicative functors in practice. In this talk I demonstrate refactoring from traditional-style code to applicative style. I start with Java samples, but then gradually switch to Scala, since it provides the proper language infrastructure. MacBride and Paterson's paper, "Functional Pearls" is the source of code examples.

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2012

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