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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2012

Vignesh Sukumar

Vignesh Sukumar
I love building enterprise software that wow businesses and the end-user alike. For me, enterprise software should be a perfect blend of art and science and always have the best user experience in mind. My current interests are in distributed storage and database systems. I particularly enjoy working in high energy, results oriented environments with high stakes!
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Speaking Sessions

  • Building massive scale, fault tolerant job processing systems with Scala Akka Actors

    5:00 PM Saturday   Room: 4201
    The Akka Actor framework is designed to be a fast message processing system. In this talk, we will explain how, at Box, we have used this framework to develop a large scale job processing system that works on billions of data files and achieves a high degree of throughput and fault tolerance. Over the course of the talk, we will explore the usage of Akka framework’s Supervisor functionality to provide a more controllable fault-tolerance strategy, and how we can use Futures to manage asynchronous jobs.

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2012

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