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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2011

Uday Gajendar

Uday Gajendar
Uday Gajendar is a principal designer at Citrix in Silicon Valley. He creates attractive, useful products that enable “work and play from anywhere”.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Partnering with a Designer

    1:45 PM Saturday   Room: 4306
    A passionate talk on the basics of hiring and collaborating with a UI designer for software projects (web/desktop/mobile). Details on design process, core phases, key deliverables, and also Do's/Do Not's all offered with specific stories, examples, anecdotes. Lively debate on what it means to "partner with a designer". Might be shocking to some ;-)

  • Fundamentals of Good UI Design

    11:15 AM Saturday   Room: Cafe
    A lively review of the core fundamentals of good UI design, including visuals and interactions: affordances, feedback, color/type/grids, layouts, patterns, widgets. Dealing with desktop/web/mobile situations. Consistency and brand coherence. Lots of specific, real examples from the likes of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Evernote, Dropbox, etc.

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2011

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