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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2010

Richard Haven

Richard Haven
I am an old-school OOP developer in a Flex world.
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Speaking Sessions

  • ActionScript Event Patterns

    5:00 PM Saturday   Room: 4301
    The Flash and Flex language ActionScript has build-in publish-and-subscribe events that not only make announcements but also ask questions. They can act as a light-weight, loosely-linked, anonymous two-way communications protocol. One example is managing checkboxes in a list or grid without keeping the checked status in the data element.

  • Sharing Code Between Web and AIR

    9:15 AM Sunday   Room: 4221
    ActionScript code for the Flash Player and AIR are 99% the same. Learn how to package your applications to isolate the 1% using libraries and interfaces. By focusing on the behaviors of file selection, mouse behaviors, and possible local database use, you can have a consistent user experience without dropping to the lowest common denominator.

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2010

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