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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2010

Michael Galpin

Michael Galpin
I am an Android engineer at Bump Technologies. Prior to working at Bump, I worked on mobile apps at eBay. I'm also the co-author of Android in Practice.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Mobile HTML 5.0

    10:45 AM Sunday   Room: Cafe
    Are the smartphone wars wearing your out? When asked to choose between Objective-C and Java do you answer “None of the Above”? Do you think app stores are so 1995? Then there is good news for you and it’s called the mobile web. This isn’t about trying to port iFart to the browser, and it’s definitely not about tweaking an existing website so it doesn’t look awful on your mom’s iPhone. It is about writing full featured, engaging applications on the web. This talk is all about how to create killer web apps using HTML5, CSS3, as well as some other not-so-standard technologies available on a wide variety of popular smartphones. We’re talking about multi-threaded, high performance apps that can track your movement or even take pictures of whatever you think is interesting.

  • That’s My App - Running in Your Background - Draining Your Battery

    1:15 PM Sunday   Room: 8401
    You have seen the ads where Android based devices like to brag about how awesome their multitasking is and now even the iPhone claims to have multitasking. Unfortunately it’s pseudo-multitasking borrowed from Android, but fear not. Android has “real” multitasking as well. It’s easy to do, but even easier to screw up. In this talk you’ll learn how to do it right, and how to do it without killing a phone’s battery. We’ll discuss the dreaded “P” word (polling), as well as alternatives such as Android’s cloud to device messaging and persistent connections.

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2010

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