Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 9th and 10th, 2010

Massimo Paolini

The Spectrum Group Online LLC
About Massimo
Massimo Paolini is the founder and CEO of The Spectrum Group Online, a web marketing business based in Silicon Valley. He speaks at various organizations on the power of SEO and works with several businesses around the country to increase their web presence, understand their site traffic, and improve profitability. When not working, he is lecturing his 10-year-old son on the value of tetherball twitter.
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Speaking Sessions

  • SEO

    9:45 AM Saturday   Room: 8402
    <br/> The title says it all.<br/> Basics like keywords, title tags, meta tags, alts, and others.<br/> The mystical link.<br/> The secret sauce<br/> The tools you can use.<br/> If you want to learn about Search Engine Optimization, this is the session for you.

  • Intro to Web Analytics

    10:45 AM Sunday   Room: 8403
    What is Web Analytics?<br/> What can I do with Web Analytics?<br/> How do I install Web Analytics?<br/> How do I configure Web Analytics?<br/> What basic reports can I use in Web Analytics<br/> What are goals and how do I configure them?<br/> What are filters?<br/> What's the difference between an account and a profile?<br/> This session will answer these questions and more.

  • Web Analytics - What&#39;s Next

    1:15 PM Sunday   Room: 8402
    Why should I use the asynchronous code?<br/> What are segments<br/> What is intelligence?<br/> How do I create custom report? Custom Segments?<br/> What is a funnel, how do I configure it, how do I use it?<br/> How do we make reports useful?<br/> Is A/B testing a myth?<br/> These and other advanced questions will be covered in this session.