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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2010

Fletcher Johnson

Silicon Valley Code Camp
Fletcher Johnson
Fletcher has helped with the production of the Silicon Valley Code Camp since it's inception. He is an avid OOP & database coder as well as a serial entrepreneur.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Creating the next Google

    10:45 AM Sunday   Room: 5015
    So you like to create the next Google. You have a great <b>idea</b> but want ideas about how to start a company, hire people (especially with no $$), maybe get funding, and become the next Google, preferably <b>without</b> having to sell your soul. <br></br>This session will feature a panel including: <ul><li><b>Gautam Gupta</b> focuses on consumer internet investing for General Catalyst Partners, an early stage VC firm</li><li><b>Philip Smith</b> has spent the last 12 years as CFO at a number of technology startups, raising over $80m in venture funding and taking two to filing their IPOs</li><li><b>Jonathan Siddharth</b> founded Infoaxe which has raised $4M in venture funding (some of it quite recently)</li><li><b>Ketan Shah</b> founded Sales-watch.com (sold) and Weblistic (sold), served as CTO at Yellowpages.com, and is now CEO of Gameyola </li><li><b>Fletcher Johnson</b> (The moderator) has an extensive history of software development and working with startups - including some of his own. He has been an active organizer of SVCC since the beginning.</li></ul>

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2010

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