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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2010

Duane Nickull

Duane Nickull
Sr. Technical Evangelist for Adobe Systems. Also chaired the OASIS SOA Reference Model Technical Committee from 2005-2009 and co-author for O'Reilly's "Web 2.0 Architectures". In the past was the lead architect, Vice Chair for the United Nations CEFACT group (global SOA effort) and also worked on many W3C and OASIS Web Services specifications. Coder, athlete, musician, father & architect.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Java, AIR and Android – make your logic mobile

    5:00 PM Saturday   Room: 5502
    Adobe AIR can easily front end Java logic and be packaged to run on Android devices. Adobe Evangelist Duane Nickull (technoracle.blogspot.com) will build a code project that can be duplicated using free and open source tools to show developers how easy it is to integrate with java logic and build an AIR for Android application. Attendees will be given the complete source code for the project if interested.

  • J2EE Cloud Computing: Manipulating PDF’s for fun and profit!

    1:45 PM Saturday   Room: 4310
    Adobe evangelist Duane Nickull will walk through some advances in Adobe’s cloud computing version of Livecycle ES, a J2EE enterprise service bus. Included will be information on how to set up a cloud account of your own to test develop against as well as the steps to build a project in Eclipse to invoke services to programmatically manipulate ISO-32000 PDF documents. The code for this project will be shared in the spirit of openness with anyone interested.

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2010

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