Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 3rd and 4th, 2009

Steve Evans

About Steve
Steve Evans has been doing DevOps since before the term DevOps was invented. He is a Pluralsight Author, six time Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), and technical Speaker at various industry events. In his spare time he manages a DevOps team at a Silicon Valley Biotech focused on improving the lives of cancer patients. For over 15 years Steve has focused on making technology better for businesses by bridging the gap between IT and Development teams. You can follow his technical blog at or find him on twitter at @TheLoudSteve.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Active Directory Programming for Developers

    1:15 PM Saturday   Room: 1401
    Learn how to use .Net to program against Active Directory. Active Directory is being found in businesses large and small, however very few developers understand Active Directory well enough to leverage its capabilities. You’ve spent hundreds of hours learning SQL, now it’s time to spend an hour learning how to use Active Directory. Use .Net 2.0 and .Net 3.5 to connect to any LDAP server (including Active Directory) and manage users, groups, and OU’s. Authenticate your users with their existing accounts already found in Active Directory. Learn CRUD operations in LDAP, learn how to quickly find the objects you need, and learn how to do it right.

  • IT for Devs: What Developers Need to Know About IT

    5:15 PM Saturday   Room: 1401
    Are you a developer filling the role of an involuntary IT Pro? Ever butted heads with your IT Pro? Learn what IT Pros wish developers knew about IT. Learn the ten most important IT Pro skills you need to help you manage servers, write applications to make IT Pros happy, and better understand why IT Pros do things the way they do. We’ll discuss things such as where your application should put its files, networking, performance troubleshooting, the value of OCD, how disaster recovery is supposed to work, and more.

  • Networking for Developers

    2:15 PM Sunday   Room: 8338
    Learn what developers need to know about networking (The TCP/IP kind, not the Facebook kind). In today’s world it’s hard to write an application that doesn’t rely on the network, but so few of us know how to troubleshoot networking issues. Stop wondering if it’s your code or the network. I’ll show you how to point the finger at the right culprit. We will follow the life of an HTTP packet as it goes from your web browser to the server and back. Learn how to determine what stopped the mission of that packet and why. Was it name resolution? TCP Port availability issues? Do we need to sniff the packets to find the problem? This session will make you a better programmer regardless of the technology you are using.