Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 3rd and 4th, 2009

Rahul Agarwal

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About Rahul
Developer with experience in Java, OSGi, Spring, Hibernate, highly scalable and highly transactional systems, RESTful APIs, E-Commerce and Micro-transaction systems. Part-time instructor at UCSC Silicon Valley and Foothill College. Expertise in backend systems but I have also played with Android and Glass.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Getting started with OSGi

    1:00 PM Sunday   Room: 4218
    <p> OSGi is a robust framework for Java that allows modules known as "bundles" to be remotely installed, started, stopped, updated and uninstalled without requiring a JVM restart. </p> <p> We will look at creating bundles using Maven and loading them in the Eclipse Equinox implementation of OSGi. Additionally show the power of OSGi by loading multiple versions of the same application that allows delivering updates with zero downtime. </p> <p> OSGi is enterprise ready with out of the box Spring support and you should consider it if looking at J2EE. </p> You can find details of what I will present on my blog (