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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2009

Nik Kalyani

Nik Kalyani
Entrepreneur, co-founder/cto WhenHub, co-founder DotNetNuke; blockchain tinkerer; STEAM educator; Microsoft MVP; maker; geek; creative thinker; husband; dad
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Speaking Sessions

  • Windows Azure Storage: The REST of the Story

    2:30 PM Saturday   Room: 5502
    Windows Azure Storage provides a scalable, fault-tolerant data store for your applications. Since it does not use familiar relational database concepts, developing applications that can take advantage of Windows Azure Storage require an understanding of new concepts, namely Blobs, Tables and Queues. In this session, you will explore the Windows Azure Storage model and then put it to use by converting an ASP.NET Photo Gallery application to use Windows Azure Storage. You will change the app so it uses WAS Blobs and Tables through REST calls instead of the filesystem and relational tables on SQL Server. In the process you will increase your knowledge of Windows Azure Storage and understand its practical applications.

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2009

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