Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 3rd and 4th, 2009

Bill Venners

About Bill
Bill Venners is president of Artima, Inc., publisher of Artima Developer ( He is author of the book, Inside the Java Virtual Machine, a programmer-oriented survey of the Java platform's architecture and internals. His popular columns in JavaWorld magazine covered Java internals, object-oriented design, and Jini. Active in the Jini Community since its inception, Bill led the Jini Community's ServiceUI project, whose ServiceUI API became the de facto standard way to associate user interfaces to Jini services. Bill is also the lead developer and designer of ScalaTest, an open source testing tool for Scala and Java developers, and coauthor with Martin Odersky and Lex Spoon of the book, Programming in Scala.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Get Higher with ScalaTest

    1:00 PM Sunday   Room: 4221
    ScalaTest is a test framework for the Java Platform that allows you to write concise, readable tests in Scala for both Scala and Java programs. This talk will show you how Scala and ScalaTest can let you work at a higher level, making you happier and more productive when programming the Java Platform. In addition to demonstrating ScalaTest, this talk will touch on the role of testing in agile processes, behavior-driven development, and testing the concurrent applications.