Silicon Valley Code Camp : Nov 8th and 9th, 2008

Timothy Ng

About Timothy
Tim is a developer lead on the Visual Studio Languages team, working specifically on the Visual Basic compiler and language team. He was part of the team that delivered LINQ in Visual Studio 2008.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Introducing F#

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    This talk will introduce Microsoft's new language F#, a typed functional programming language for the .NET Framework that combines the succinctness, expressivity, and compositionality of functional programming with the runtime support, libraries, interoperability, tools, and object model of.NET. We'll see why using F# is a blast, and how you can get started in this fun, new language.

  • LINQ Fundamentals

    Not Available x   Room: Not Assigned
    Have you ever wanted to know exactly what happens under the hood when you are using LINQ? In this session, I will build "LINQ from the ground up" and de-mystify exactly what the compiler does when you use a LINQ expression in your VB or C# program. You'll hear how type inference, lambda expressions, extension methods, and anonymous types work together to bring you the power of LINQ. The examples will be in VB but will be applicable to C# folks as well.