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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2008

Symon Chang

Symon Chang
Symon Chang, CISSP, CSSLP, is a Principal Member of Technical Staff at Oracle Corporation, developing Web Services solutions for WebLogic Server. He is a voting member of OASIS WS-SX TC, and has participated with various Web Services security standards committees at OASIS, W3C, and WS-I. He has ten years experience in developing Web Services security solution. Prior to Oracle, he was Sr. Security Architect, implementing WS-Security solutions at BEA, BlueTitan, TIBCO and CommerceOne. He received his MBA Degree from Golden Gate University, and M.S. Degree from San Jose State University.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Take a REST on WebLogic Server

    This session will use a sample location search application to demonstrate how to build a <b>Representational State Transfer (REST) </b> implementation using WebLogic Server 10.3. It discusses how to use JAX-WS and JAXB technologies in WebLogic Server 10.3 to simplify the development and deployment of <b>RESTful Web Services. </b> <p> The session will focus on the server side programming; instead of client side scripting. The following topics will be present: <p> - The location search logic with geocoding <br/> - XML Schema design and JAXB code generation <br/> - The RESTful Web Services Java coding<br/> - Different REST HTTP GET and POST methods <br/> - Configuration and deployment with ANT scripts <p> The session will also solicit ideas for RESTful Web Services requirements in future releases of WebLogic Server.

  • Web Services Interop between Java and .NET

    By definition, Web Services are cross-platform, and it is the best technology for solving cross-platform interoperability problems. However, when using Java Web Services to talk to .NET Web Services, many interoperability problems need to overcome. <p> This session will use both WebLogic Server (WLS) 10.3 client connects to .NET WCF 3.0/3.5 services, and .NET client connects to WLS services as examples to discuss interop issues and solutions on the following scenarios: <p> - Basic/Complex Data Type and MTOM <br/> - WS-Security 1.0/1.1 <br/> - WS-SecureConversation (WS-SC) and WS-Trust <br/> - WS-Policy and WS-SecurityPolicy <br/> - WS-ReliableMessaging (WS-RM) <br/> - WS-RM + WS-SC <br/> <p> Practical tips to interop well with .NET from Java Web Services will be discussed in depth.

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2008

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