Silicon Valley Code Camp : Nov 8th and 9th, 2008

Robert Biggs

About Robert
Have worked since 1995 creating Web-based interfaces. Created frameworks for front-end deployment at the Federal Reserve Bank, Apple, and Microsoft. Presently working at Vertigo ( I create semantic markup, object oriented JavaScript and cross-browser CSS for an optimal user experience.
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Speaking Sessions

  • When Browsers Behave Badly - Part One

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    In this session we will take a look at why browsers misbehave with your layouts. We'll also see how to make them behave properly. This will have live examples: before and after. This session will be specifically about solving problems with IE 6 & 7, followed by another session for other browsers.

  • When Browsers Behave Badly - Part Two

    Not Available x   Room: Not Assigned
    What to do when the good guys foul up? This session will show you how to get Firefox, Safari/Webkit and Opera to render properly when they can't seem to get it right. Like the previous session, we will have real world examples of display issues and fix them in real time.