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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2008

Orion Letizi

Orion Letizi
Orion Letizi is a co-founder and software engineer at Terracotta. He has worked in enterprise Java for nearly ten years. Before Terracotta, he was a software architect at Walmart.com.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Clustered Architecture Patterns: Delivering Scalability and Availability with Terracotta

    Developing enterprise apps that run on server clusters is hard. Current approaches are hard on the application developer, demanding on the application infrastructure, and suffer from serious performance and scalability limits. This session introduces Network-Attached Memory, Terracotta's open source technology that transparently extends Java heap and the Java Memory Model across multiple JVMs, and shows how to use it to develop simple, yet scalable applications. The talk will also discuss actual deployments where Network-Attached Memory is currently delivering HA and scale, dramatically reducing load on expensive databases.

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2008

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