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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2008

Nik Kalyani

Nik Kalyani
Entrepreneur, co-founder/cto WhenHub, co-founder DotNetNuke; blockchain tinkerer; STEAM educator; Microsoft MVP; maker; geek; creative thinker; husband; dad
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Speaking Sessions

  • DotNetNuke Module Development in C#

    DotNetNuke is a popular, Open Source web application framework with over 5 million downloads. The framework supports extensibility through "modules" which developers can create, package and share (or sell). There are thousands of modules available and in this session you will first learn how to create a simple module for DotNetNuke in C#. Next, you will use your newly acquired knowledge to create a more complex DotNetNuke module that uses the Gnip service to integrate Twitter streams.

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2008

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