Silicon Valley Code Camp : Nov 8th and 9th, 2008

Cal Schrotenboer

About Cal
Cal is a C# developer with experience in building Windows Forms application front ends for SQL Server databases. He also teaches programming classes (Silverlight, WPF, Expression Blend, Advanced C#, WCF, ASP.NET, VSTO, Powershell, SQL Server 2008) at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, California and Microsoft Network Administration (MCSE) classes at Mission College in Santa Clara. He has done five MSDN Webcasts on various WPF topics and has spoken to User Groups and Code Camps throughout California about WPF and Silverlight. His Foothill College Silverlight, WPF and Expression Blend classes were likely the first college level classes in these topics available anywhere. He has written several articles on Silverlight for Microsoft, most of which have been published on Cal maintains a WPF blog at His outside interests include travel and photography ( Cal has a sample XBAP application available at and sample Silverlight applications at, and
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Speaking Sessions

  • Silverlight Tools For Visual Studio

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    Learn the internal details of these critical components of the tools required for Silverlight development. Understand the elements in the VS 2008 Silverlight Templates (including the Silverlight compliant WCF template) -- learn the what and why of assembly references, project files and project property settings. Understand the Silverlight Developer Runtime and the contents of the Silverlight 2 SDK (documentation, libraries and development tools). The better you understand the tools that you have to work with, the more efficient a developer you can be.

  • Windows Powershell Scripting

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    Windows System Administrators have long used scripting to automate routine administrative tasks such as adding new users to Active Directory or mapping network drives. Over the years Microsoft has expanded the toolset for adminstrative scripting to include Windows Scripting Host, WMI and ADSI. Now in late 2006 Microsoft recently released a new scripting environment, Powershell, with a new built-in scripting language that is fully integrated with the .NET Framework. In the words of WindowsITPro Magazine "Unix administrators won't be laughing anymore." Powershell lets administrators string together lots of little commands to create complex commands via a process labeled as composition. Powershell also supports pipelining which sends the output of one command to the next command. Powershell is completely object oriented and all of its commands return objects, not text strings. The Powershell environment (an enhanced version of cmd.exe) includes a raft of built-in cmdlets which replicate and expand the functionality of familiar DOS commands. In addition, any administrator (or third party developer) can design and build additional cmdlets to augment the built-in collection. This class will give you a solid overview of the capabilities of Powershell so that you can begin using it immediately to save time and effort on any repetitive administrative task.