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Brad Green Tells Us What to Expect at Angular Team Keynote at Angular U   

Wed Apr 15 2015
By Angular U Staff

As we get closer to Angular U (barely 2 months now) it's exciting to watch Angular 2 come together and the see the community get behind it.  On Tuesday night, I was fortunate to be able to attend a meetup at Google that included much of the Angular team and of course many of our Angular U speakers.

It was fun to first watch Brad Green (who runs the Angular team and who with Igor and Misko will be doing our opening keynote) introduce the event and in his opening remarks he gave some insights into what he, Igor and Misko will present (spoiler alert:  Angular 2).
Brad Green Talks Angular U
The full video of the meetup is on line.  In it you'll see David East (who will be speaking at Angular U on about upgrading to Angular 2).  David is an awesome speaker who came with Google's Firebase acquisition and is now on the Angular team.  In addition, David is one of the leaders of our Realtime Angluar With Firebase Workshop happening on the last day of Angular U.
David East, Igor and Misko Chatting
And of course, here is a code to save $100!  DavidsMeetup100  Hopefully that will swing it for you to come to our conference.  We will have lots of exciting announcements and fun as well.


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