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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2019

Elizabeth K. Joseph

Elizabeth K. Joseph
Elizabeth K. Joseph is an author, systems engineer, and developer advocate at IBM working on IBM Z. She has spent time working on the Apache Mesos and four years as a systems engineer on the OpenStack Infrastructure team. In 2012 she won an O'Reilly Open Source Award for her work on the Ubuntu project, which included six years on the Ubuntu Community Council. She is the author of Common OpenStack Deployments and The Official Ubuntu Book, 8th and 9th Editions.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Developing for the Modern Mainframe

    3:45 PM Saturday   Chin Wagger

    You don't hear much about mainframes these days, but chances are very high that you interacted with one today without even knowing it. From banks to airlines, they still dominate industries where data integrity, security, and uptime are essential. The modern mainframe boasts the fastest off-the-shelf processors in the world, offer terabytes of memory, support the most secure HSM (Hardware Security Module) to date, and are even tested to survive earthquakes. Plus, contrary to popular belief, it's not all green on black terminals and cryptic commands for batch processing.

    This talk will explore some of the modern, open source, tooling under active development by the Open Mainframe Project, including APIs, shells, graphical interfaces, and automation tooling for z/OS. We'll also explore how familiar workloads are supported through native Linux support on the LinuxONE series of Linux-only mainframes.

    Whether you're developing in COBOL, Java, Node.js, or Go, the modern mainframe has you covered.

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